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rainwater tank in front of pool

Rainwater tanks for a greener future

There has been plenty of discussions recently about the benefits that will flow from the federal government’s HomeBuilder stimulus package. These range from new homes and renovations for Australians who…

two men in front of a compter

Next generation fault detection throws away the rule book

威廉希尔赔率分析Imagine a self-learning or machine-learning system for fault detection. One where algorithms find patterns and correlations between a range of data sources to work out the most efficient order for…

three buildings with blue background

Webinar: The future normal in design, building & property

威廉希尔赔率分析What do the next 12-24 months have in store for architecture, building and property? Mecca Events is presenting a webinar that looks at the future of the built environment and the people working…

Online NABERS + CBD Conference 2020

Clear your diary on 16 July for the online NABERS + CBD Conference, with a speaker lineup that’s packed with the leaders driving sustainability in the built environment such as…

melbourne office builings

Looking for savings? Energy efficiency is the best place to start 

威廉希尔赔率分析It’s great to see property companies setting themselves ambitious emissions reduction targets, says Buildings Alive chief executive officer Craig Roussac, but are they making the most of the easiest, cheapest tactic to cut emissions: using less energy?

apartment outdoor patio

Romeciti set to launch its second “green building” in Macquarie Park

Sydney based developer Romeciti has agreed to pay more than $40 million to buy a second site for its “Green and Smart” residential project offering at Macquarie Park, 28 kilometres north west of Sydney. The deal follows  lengthy negotiations with the owners of 36 strata title units to amalgamate the site.

hire equipment

Sustainable Equipment Hire a Shared Resource

The rise of sustainable urban infrastructure is set to continue, supported by state-of-the-art construction machinery and equipment.

Is your job to make healthy places in NSW? If so take this survey

威廉希尔赔率分析It’s been well documented by The Fifth Estate that where you live and work shapes how easy it is to buy healthy food, use active transport, and make social connections. The evidence is clear. But how do we make places that improve the health and wellbeing outcomes for all?

six rainwater tanks

Australia’s iconic water tank making waves as an urban favourite

There’s something deeply iconic about the galvanised water tank in Australian architecture. It’s a practical response to the need to save water, and at the same time a symbol of a growing sensitivity to the need for a more sustainable way of life.