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Rating tools

Are green building rating tools ready for a paradigm shift?

威廉希尔赔率分析According to Professor Janis Birkeland, green building rating tools are improving but they are only improving upon a flawed conceptual model.  “As currently conceived, they only reduce ‘unsustainability’ – and at a slower pace than the environmental destruction caused by buildings”. 

The big winners in the NABERS portfolios index 2020

威廉希尔赔率分析It’s only the second iteration of the NABERS Sustainable Portfolios Index but it’s seen a 48 per cent jump in participation since last year. There’s now 40 portfolios disclosing their…

Why energy efficient buildings should be a top climate policy priority

The UK needs a rating scheme like NABERS to bring down building energy use, writes Dr Peter Mallaburn, who was in Sydney last year to conduct a peer reviewed study of this rating tool. In a meeting with The Fifth Estate at the time he said some people believe Australia is 15 years ahead of the UK in energy efficiency.

two men and a woman standing

Brush off your old CV, the NSW Building Commission is now hiring

威廉希尔赔率分析NSW Building Commissioner David Chandler is looking to hire up to 60 professionals from the construction industry to work as building project auditors, as he fleshes out plans for a major overhaul of the state’s building industry.

Andrew Davies

Big business and finance sector taking up the B Corp challenge

威廉希尔赔率分析Andrew Davies has been heading up the B Lab for only six months but already he can see a shift in the number and type of companies that are willingly going through the tough B Corp Certification.

Annastacia Palaszczuk

How is your government agency performing on NABERS Energy?

Would you lease office space with a zero Star NABERS rating? We couldn’t help but wonder who would, when last week we spotted an office in the Brisbane Club Tower being offered for lease by Colliers in Brisbane with a zero NABERS rating.