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Government must connect to a renewable future

威廉希尔赔率分析Federal energy minister Angus Taylor has finally called the Council of Australian Governments Energy Council meeting this weekend. Let’s hope the meeting is not in vain.

rooftop solar

CSIRO seeking massive PPA provider

CSIRO is accelerating towards a zero carbon economy, announcing it’s move towards 100 per cent renewable energy for all its sites across NSW, Victoria and the ACT.

What solar rebates are worth and who’s offering what

What solar rebates are worth and who’s offering what

SOLAR ENERGY REBATES REPORT: Politicians are latching on to the vote-winning potential of incentives for solar energy. So what’s on offer now in NSW and federally, and what’s the state of play in the solar market? We talk to Adelaide based solar expert and founder of SolarQuotes, Finn Peacock.