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Education & Training

Lavender Liu, Western Sydney University

Architecture and construction can create a better world, WSU students say

Tomorrowland19 – I, human: Today’s architecture, engineering and construction students are tomorrow’s builders. Tomorrowland 2019 heard from two Western Sydney University students – Manuel Hankoo and Lavender Liu – whose passion for the built environment promises hope for the future.

Universities are amazing places

Part 1 of our new special report on Universities and education, through our new micro site portal

Surging demand for electrical trades is renewable

威廉希尔赔率分析While residential building clients everywhere continue to bemoan that building trades are dragging their feet on sustainability, there’s a boom in the environmental credentials of sparkies, thanks to the one thing they can’t argue with: consumer demand.

Renewable prefab classrooms to be tested in NSW schools

威廉希尔赔率分析A solar-powered modular classroom that generates enough energy to power itself and two additional rooms is being trialled in NSW schools, with the potential for a nationwide rollout.

Mad Men (and women) for the Planet has a winner!

After two fantastic workshops in Melbourne and Sydney; after great insights from the most interesting people working on tenant engagement, sustainability and advertising; and after more than 100 people from…

Divestment – why some universities are scared to act

威廉希尔赔率分析The fossil fuels divestment movement started on university campuses, with students calling out their institutions for talking up innovation, technology and sustainability, while simultaneously investing in the least innovative and…

How universities are stepping up to the climate challenge

威廉希尔赔率分析SPECIAL REPORTS: Universities are being pushed to take a greater lead on clean energy investment to help offset their rising energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions. However, with emissions reduction…

Luxe green house range about to hit this market

威廉希尔赔率分析First it was Grand Designs Live Show. Now a new luxury range of green home is soon to be launched featuring Passive House design, cross laminated timber, zero energy, stability…

Post your own job advertisement! Here

威廉希尔赔率分析Post your own job vacancy on our website, in our Jobs Category that consistently rates among the most popular hits on the site Choose either 1. Our Pick of the…